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Resin Casting Products

Polyester resin properties mean that is a very versatile material and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as bronze resin sculpture, interiors, point of sale items and particularly resin products are widely used in the giftware market.

Resin casting products for the giftware market

History Craft established itself in the 1990's as a leading producer of quality giftware manufacturing polyester resin products. Many of the skills we use today were built upon in this time, particularly our knowledge of making resin molds. We made items such as traditional games and chess sets, golfing gifts, clock cases and polyester resin sculpture.

Resin Casting Products for exterior use

Our castings are able to stand up to the British weather and can be used for applications such as signs, garden ornaments and memorials.

Versatilities of polyester resin products

The silicone rubber that we use to make our resin casting moulds is incredibly accurate and will transfer every detail of the master copy onto the surface of the mould. Therefore each casting will have that detail, ensuring that the resin products that we cast are the quality of the original. Also, polyester resin products lend themselves very well to most types of surface finishing.

resin casting products