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Cathedral Roof Bosses

The collection of Fine Stone Miniatures is an extensive range of cathedral roof bosses created by Martin and Oliver Webb and manufactured by History Craft.

About Martin and Oliver Webb

Martin and Oliver Webb (father and son) trained as stone masons before embarking on the range of miniatures. Working in cathedrals inspired them to create this range - each miniature piece was painstakingly hand carved to reproduce the fine details of the original. The range of miniatures began in 1993 and has grown to over 100 designs. The original carvings can be found in cathedral roofing all around the UK. History Craft now make these reproductions using fine ground stone bonded with resin to create an authentic stone effect.

About Cathedral Roof Bosses

A cathedral roof boss is the carved underside of the key-stone that forms the meeting point of several converging vaulting ribs which, in turn, are the load bearing arches supporting the vaulting itself. The cathedral roof boss, though extensively decorated, fulfils an important structural role in cathedral architecture - it is not merely a carved stone trinket. Styles vary from lifelike figurative representations, to mythical beasts to the enigmatic green man roof boss. Gothic architecture tends to feature the most decorative style of cathedral roof boss.

Purchasing Fine Stone Miniatures

Although we are not currently selling online, we can advise of local stockists or alternatively advise on how to purchase directly from us.

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