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Resin Sculpture

We are often approached by sculptors and artists to produce resin sculptures from their original work. This may be for commercial reasons and they wish to sell reproductions of their work. Also some artists want one or two pieces created from maybe a clay sculpting (thereby creating a hard copy of their work). Whether you are a professional sculptor or do it as a hobby, consider our service of casting resin sculpture.

In order for us to provide a quote it would be useful for us to have the following information:

  • The size of the item
  • What the original copy is made of
  • A digital image if available
  • The quantity of resin sculptures you require to be cast
  • Whether you require us to finish your resin sculpting or you will do that yourself

We are very happy to make a one-off piece and we can also offer larger production runs if required.

For many years we have been producing bronze resin sculpture. This casting technique uses real bronze powder on the outer layer of the resin sculpture - the real advantage of this method it that the true appearance of bronze can be achieved, but at a fraction of the price of a solid bronze piece.

To find out more about our bronze resin sculpture casting service or any other aspect of resin sculpture casting, do please contact us.

bronze resin sculpture