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Laser Engraving Service

We are able to offer a laser engraving service with our in-house machine. Our engraving services can be used both to individually personalise products and also within product design to incorporate logos and artwork.

What can you engrave?

Most material surfaces can be used for laser etching and the machine has two functions; firstly to cut materials (e.g. you may need the outline of an intricate shape) and secondly it can etch – for example an ornamental engraved design or a name.

How does the laser engraving service work?

Essentially, imagine the machine as a sophisticated printer. Using graphics software, we are able to create the engraving designs or lettering on the computer and then send the files to the machine to either etch or cut. If you want us to use your logo or artwork, just send it to us via email and this can be used to produce the laser etching.

Personalised engraving

We can personalise many items with our laser engraving service. Make a special gift more personal by adding wording to it. Contact us to find out if we can do this for you.

Commercial laser engraving services

For many years we have been working with mail order and e-commerce companies supplying engraved gifts and engraved plaques such as house signs and memorial products.

Corporate Gifts

We can design and produce corporate gifts. Using the laser engraving machine, we can include company logos or any ornamental engraved design in the master copy so that each casting has that personal detail included. 

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