polyester resin casting

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Resin Casting Production Runs

As a resin casting company, we carry out a diverse range of work and we are very used to taking on a volume production run. Injection moulding companies are sometimes engaged for this type of work, but the main advantage with polyester resin casting is the much lower tooling costs.

Economy in volume polyester resin casting

Filled polyester is used in our resin casting service. Polyester resin is lower in cost than polyurethane resin. Without getting too technical, another advantage of polyester over polyurethane is the method of removing the air bubbles from the material after it has been poured in the mould – polyester resin casting uses a vacuum method to remove the air. This is a speedier process which means that the moulds can be filled more times during a working day, speeding up the production process.

Injection Moulding Alternatives

Injection moulding production involves a large investment in the tools, often running into thousands of £’s. Resin castings do not involve that investment in tools – silicone moulds are relatively inexpensive and as we build the costs of our moulds into the unit price there is very little up-front investment and the production run can commence relatively quickly.

UK Production or Overseas?

As a UK based resin casting company, can we offer some advantages to keeping production in the UK? Although we cannot always compete on price, there are other important factors to take into consideration such as shorter lead times; lower order volumes; simpler communication and lower stock levels. We also have some automated finishing techniques available which reduces costs versus labour intensive hand finishing.


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