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Walking Stick Heads

History Craft designed and launched a range of walking stick heads in the 1980's. At the time, the range was sold to over 20 countries and set a new trend for decorative and collectors walking stick handles. The collection includes a wide selection of animal head walking sticks (the most popular of which are the dog head walking sticks) together with more traditional designs such as replica stag horn and shepherds crooks. At this time we offered the range on  wooden canes - however due to space restrictions we now only offer them solely as walking stick heads for the buyer to assemble onto their own sticks.

The range features predominately faux scrimshaw walking stick heads but we also make reproduction bronze, silver and pewter heads. Our walking stick handles are currently sold to customers in the UK, USA and Germany - we also have a customer who has a unique use for a walking stick handle by using them on the end of their shaving brushes!

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